Momentum is about helping you succeed.Lighthouse IT Solutions Video

Our Harmony service package works around ensuring you succeed, because that is how we succeed. Momentum Marketing is no different. We take small businesses and redefine their marketing efforts into successful inbound campaigns. These will educate prospects and filter out unwanted customers that do not fit your target audience. Imagine only dealing with leads that are already warmed up to your service/product. That alone increases the efficiency of a sale person. Expand your business without compromise. 

With Lighthouse IT Solutions, we will not simply make you a website, we will create a web presence for your company. We create campaigns and help you create a community for what you offer. Learn about how inbound marketing can help your company increase traffic, leads and customers.

Our services:

  Designs of offers   Buyer Persona Development
  Campaign Strategic Consulting   Email Marketing
  Nurturing and Automation   Monthly Strategy
  Quarterly Inbound Training   On Page SEO / Off-Page Link Building
  Pay Per Click Ads   Keyword Research
  Landing Page Creation   CTA & Conversion Path Building
  CRM & Data Maintenance   Integration Management
  Blog Coaching   CRM Implementation
  Site Design   Social/Ad Management
  Mobile Responsive Site   ROI Reporting